Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?

Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a good move to maximize the reach of your marketing, establish brand awareness, and entice more clients to purchase your product or service. However, its advantages are reflected in the costs involved.

Link building is a way to optimize your visibility in search engines. The more links you have, the better chances people will be funneled into your landing page. Link building, however, is a process that involves strategy-building, finding prospective websites relevant to your brand, qualifying that list as to what is most relevant, pitching to those sites, and finally managing responses to your requests.

This is why having a partner SEO, a person handling SEO, or outsourcing SEO is a must for any serious company looking to take it seriously.

But how much will it cost?

Link building pricing depends on what kind of link building package you and your SEO partner have agreed upon. Link building pricing can also depend on whether you are developing an in-house SEO team or outsourcing. Finally, it can also depend on whether you are paying for it on a pay-per-link basis, a one-time payment of a retainer and additional payments for expenses.

The general trend right now is that it is much cheaper to outsource than to build SEO links in-house. Hiring a content writer and an SEO analyst could cost almost $95,000 per year. Hiring a whole PR team would cost you $113,000 at the minimum.

Those costs are apart from the costs you would have to pay for their training, tools, and their equipment.

Meanwhile, outsourcing the SEO could present to you the option of paying for the hours per link or the per link basis pricing. Link building companies already have the training, tools, and equipment needed.


Pay-per-link is the most appealing link building pricing strategy for clients. This is because total investment is easier to break down and it is easier to track the output from the investment on a per link basis. It is also easier to budget because the cost would be fixed for a given period of time.

How it works is you set a period, then you set a number of links you aim to maintain, then your SEO partner would calculate how much it costs to maintain such links. For example, if your SEO partner will cover everything from coming up with strategies, getting prospects, outreach and managing the links, he would have to charge at least $4,500 for labor alone. Then you would be paying him $300 per link for 12 months.

Prices could then vary if you want to invest in higher tier links as opposed to mere guest or sponsored posts. Higher tier posts include resource pages, PR links, and roundups. Normally, SEO agents price them at $750 per link per 12 months.

Retainer and additional expenses

Some SEO agents price their services depending on how many hours they will be spending to do the work involved. From coming up with a strategy to looking for prospective websites, pitching to them and sifting through their responses, your agent will determine the work hours involved and send to you a quotation. You can also calculate your own cost by determining how much you will pay on an hourly basis, and how much time you want the SEO agent or employee to work.

So if you want him or her to work for $100 per hour and for 20 hours, you would have to pay them $2,000. That amount could cover at least 8 to 12 ordinary links. Again, the inclusion of high tier links would make that cost rise.

However, keep in mind that this does not yet involve the cost of making additional digital content or expenses from publishing them.

Packages Based on Your Budget

Some SEO Link Building Companies already have packages ready for you to sign off on. What is important for determining whether you are on target and under your budget is the quality of links you want to maintain and the quality of SEO providers you want to enlist.

In such cases, you would want to inquire upon that company’s experience and work portfolio to determine if you’re a good fit depending on your budget.

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