Why It’s Important To Always Hire A Bonded Contractor

A contractor bond, or contractor’s license bond, is a contract in which a surety company promises your contractor will follow state rules and regulations.

What is a surety bond?

If you are looking for someone to remodel your kitchen be sure only to hire licensed contractors who are legally able to operate in your state. The contractor’s state license board are there to help ensure contractors have the proper training and bond in place to abide by state laws. Purchasing a license bond for contractors in California is fairly simple. The bonds pricing is based upon the contractors credit history and can often times be purchased and issued same day.

Why you should only hire a bonded contractor

Working with bonded contractors helps to ensure that your work is properly protected in the event something were to happen on the construction projects or there were to be any defects with the contractor’s work.

It should be noted that being bonded is not the same as being insured. The bond only guarantees you the proper fulfilling of a job contract. The contractor should also carry liability insurance so that you, the customer, are not held responsible for any on-site injuries that may occur on your property.
Contact the bonding company directly if you have any questions about the agreement: they’ll be glad to help. Make sure the contractor is bonded, licensed, and insured, and you will be on the side of the angels.


If you are a contractor, why should you choose to be bonded?

Being bonded gives you instant credibility with the public. Customers are looking for every measure of protection possible when dealing with large money transactions, and if you choose not to be bonded, it will reflect poorly on your abilities as well as your business. It assures your customers that you:

— have undergone a rigorous prequalification process
— are much more likely to complete the project as agreed upon
–will have a backup should severe problems occur.

Having read the importance of the contractor’s bond above, how much does a Contractor Bond Cost? Well, the Sector of Industrial Relations’ Division of Labor Standards Enforcement wants farm labor contractors to post $25,000 surety bonds. Some contractors need to post $12,500 to qualify for private bonds before carrying out business within the country.

All of these contract bonds are in respect of underwriting consideration, hence the price you’ll pay for your contractor bond directly reflects on the status/review of your private credit report. Being covered by a surety bond is a win-win proposition for both customers and contractors.

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How to Increase Profits for your Contracting Company


Contractor Company Profitability

To increase the profit of your contractor company in these tough economic times, you need to identify the key profit drivers. Similarly, you should come up with effective strategies and prioritize them in order of importance. It’s recommended that you write down your goals and how you want to achieve them. Further, come up with practical ways of implementing those strategies. Since the construction industry is driven by the law of demand and supply, much work should be focused on cost management. Let’s go through some strategies on how to increase profits for your construction company;

Effective Cash Management

Today, Cash is the lifeblood of any successful company. You must align your cash inflows and outflows. Secondly; you should budget and plan your cash since it becomes easy to pay your expenses when they are due. Likewise, you should identify your daily spend rate and how much cash you have at hand. In fact, lack of proper money management can bring liquidity crisis such that it becomes impossible to meet both long-term and short-term cash obligations. This could result in the inability to pay your suppliers or even meet the wages of your workers.  A great example of proper cash management is the California company: contractor license bond- contractor bond quote. With a Cash flow shortage could lead to operations close-down or bankruptcy. Therefore, you should make sure you understand your supplier’s terms of payment before engaging in any contract. The best way to check if you have good cash management is to compare your costs with other similar companies in the industry.

Decreasing operating costs and increasing production

This is knocking two birds with one stone. The most sensitive cost is labor. You should hire cheap labor and keep productive employees. However, you should concentrate on retention rather than hire. Focusing on conservation will help to avoid costs associated with recruitment and lost productivity. On the other hand, you should have the right suppliers. This will make it easy to negotiate for discounts and better prices when buying materials in bulk. To increase productivity in your company, you must have systems in place that will help you get the most out of your resources.

Expand your market

Starting new construction projects in different areas will help in increasing the profitability of the company. For instance, you can use the social media to establish such places. If you encounter difficulties in penetrating a new market, you can partner with other companies.

In a nutshell, running a successful business involves increasing revenue and cutting on costs. To dominate the industry, you need to employ the above strategies on how to increase profits for your construction company to take it to the next level.

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3 Keyword Research Tools You Can’t Live Without

3 Keyword Research Tools You Can't Live Without

When choosing keyword research tools, you would want to consider a variety of factors, ranging from features to research depth and price. Many of the top keyword research tools are free with the option for paid subscription should you want more in-depth keyword analysis. Here are some of the keyword research tools you would want to consider.

Long Tail Pro

This is a paid tool, but worth considering if you are looking for long tail keywords. The tool offers great flexibility, in terms of range of keywords. Long tail keywords are in great demand on search engines, therefore, you can subscribe to this keyword tool to find the right keywords. The tool offers potentially hundreds of keywords for each base keyword you choose, and also directs you to the top search engine results for the keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

If you are looking for free tools this should be your first choice. The keyword planner will help you get started with your website, if you are in the beginner or intermediate stages of optimizing your site for search engines. The Google Keyword Planner offers related keywords for the basic keyword. Many users who subscribe to Adsense will find this tool an added convenience, enabling quick keyword research. The tool is perfect for anybody looking for the right keywords. For people looking to rank high on Google there is no tool as credible as Google’s own keyword research tool for finding the right keywords. You can also analyze your own site using this tool, using a very easy to use feature.


Localized searches are an important part of SEO planning in the current context. One of the best tools for this type of keyword research is KWFinder. Users love this tool because it helps them find keywords that are not very aggressively sought by competitors, but also happen to be very relevant. In particular, if you are trying to rank high for a particular type of keyword in a certain location, you can find the right keywords using this tool. The service is not entirely free. You can start by using the free version of the tool. Once you understand how the tool works and how it can help you, you can upgrade to the more feature rich paid version.

Many publishers realize that they need more than one keyword planning tool to get rich data on a particular keyword. You can start with one tool, and as you begin to learn more about how optimization for search engines work, you can subscribe to more tools.

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5 Online Marketing Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

I know you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts, and I also know you don’t time much time to spare.  Don’t you worry, You’ve come to the right place!

In just 5 minutes you will discover 5 marketing tools your business can’t live without, plus you will even have some extra time at the end of the day.

Check ’em out:


Google analytics is an essential tool if you want to get to know your audience.

Knowing your audience is very important in any business especially online because it gives you an idea of:

  • What your audience is looking for
  • Their tastes
  • The buzzwords they use, so you can better connect with them.

When you sign up for Google Analytics it gives you a panel with very important information of your website visitors, all of this data is gold when it comes to SEO and it can save you a lot of time. The best part is that google analytics is free. how great is that?

Google analytics allows you to see the conversion rates of your blog or website. A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that perform an action on your site, for example: Signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free report, etc.

It also gives you a bounce rate. A bounce rate is the percentage of people that go to your website and leave it without performing any action. This information is critical for you to optimize your homepage or other areas of your site.


Mailchimp is a very effective tool to streamline your email marketing process. It saves you time by sending you a series of email to a particular list (autoresponder). It uses an easy drag-and-drop interface and allows you to track HTML email campaigns.

It really helps with SEO since it has great reporting features.

MailChimp integrates nicely with Twitter, Facebook, Zendesk, Shopify and many others.


If you want to improve your brand awareness ( and I bet you do!) then this tool is gonna help you.

Mention is a tool that lets you know every time someone talks about your brand online, this is very cool because you can see how much your brand has grown in terms of popularity.

You can also get notifications for particular keywords, find influencers in your niche and analyze your competitors. All of these features make Mention an essential tool to your business.Mention even sends you a daily report to your email with the average mentions for that day and the sources they’re coming from.


You already know brand awareness is important, and I’ve already told you about a tool to help you with that ( Tool number 3). But if you’d like something free, there is…

It’s Google Alerts.

You won’t get all the features you would with mention, but if you still want to get noticed for certain keywords then you should try google alerts.Similar to Mention, with google alerts you get notifications via email everytime someone mentions your specified keyword.
This is gold when you want to come up with fresh and RELEVANT content to generate leads and traffic to your blog/ website.


Hate it or love it, social media is ESSENTIAL for any business of any size ( unless you don’t want any growth).But, you don’t have hours to spend updating social media profiles and interacting with your followers, do you?

Don’t worry my friend! Buffer can help you.

Buffer allows you schedule posts, photos, gifs and videos in advance across different social media platforms and shows you the best time to post them. This is amazing!

It can save you a ton of time that could be used in doing other things.

You choose your posts, images, quotes, etc, the night before and then you schedule a time. That’s all you have to do. Buffer will send them to your social media platforms and now you can have some extra time at the end of the day.

Now you that you know the 5 essential marketing tools for your business, make a list of your current marketing goals and needs and go get those tools. You will see an enormous improvement in your marketing efforts and productivity!

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