8 Benefits of using the WordPress Platform

Each month approximately 15.5 billion pages are viewed on WordPress websites. WordPress is far and away the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). It currently holds a 63.7% share of the CMS market.Read on to learn more about the benefits of WordPress and why it is the leading platform for most website owners.

#1 User-friendly

What distinguishes WordPress from many other CMS is ease of use. Managing a WordPress website doesn’t require any programming or coding skills. This opens up website building to a much wider range of users. The WordPress dashboard is straightforward to navigate and interact with. Uploading images and other media files can be done with a click of a button. And the text editor is familiar to anyone who has used word processor software. An indication of the widespread popularity of WordPress is how frequently it is downloaded. For example WordPress 5.5 has been downloaded over 59 million times.

#2 Highly flexible

WordPress is used to power an incredibly diverse range of types of websites. Online stores, content sites, personal blogs and much more all use the WordPress CMS. While WordPress is hugely popular with people managing small websites, big players also like to use it as well. Fortune 500 companies like Walt Disney, Sony, Microsoft to name just a few use WordPress.Wordpress extensive array of themes and plugins make it possible to create almost any type of website you can imagine.

#3 Extensive range of Themes

Themes define the look of your website. Themes make it effortless to radically change the appearance of your website. There are currently almost 8,000 free themes listed in WordPresses theme directory.Because there is such a comprehensive selection of different types of WordPress themes there is invariably one which will meet your own particular requirements. If you can’t find the right free theme, premium themes further extend your options for the style of your website.Think about Best Green WordPress Hosting

#4 Search engine friendly

Organic visitors from the search engines is a prized goal for most website owners. WordPress websites make it easier to achieve high rankings in the SERPs. Search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly features are baked right into WordPress. SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO, make it even easier to optimise your web pages. Even if you have very little existing SEO knowledge, you can see/create a website that the search engines will love with WordPress.

#5 Developer & community support

The ubiquity of WordPress means that there is wide-ranging community support. No matter what issue you are facing with a WordPress website you will find that there are community members that can assist. Most challenges you will experience with a WordPress website, will have already been addressed on a WordPress forum or website. Because WordPress is used by many businesses, it also has a very active developer community. If you require customisation or technical support for your WordPress website there are plenty of highly skilled developers available for hire.

#6 Mobile responsive

50.81% of global internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.Google has incorporated mobile usability into its search algorithm. Having a website which works just as well on a smartphone, as on a desktop, is essential. Most modern WordPress themes are mobile responsive. Even those that aren’t, can be made responsive through the use of plugins.

#7 International reach

WordPress is a truly international platform. The CMS is available in more than one hundred different languages.This global appeal distinguishes it from other commonly used CMS. The wide range of languages available for WordPress is thanks in large part to the WordPress Polyglots team. This initiative works to localize themes, plugins and core WordPress.

#8 Plugins to extend functionality

Plugins further extend the functionality of a WordPress website. There is a WordPress plugin to meet almost any feature or function you would like to add to your website. Ecommerce shopping carts, sliders, pop-ups, caching, and much more can all be added using plugins. Almost 60,000 free plugins are available through the WordPress plugin directory.Plugins can be installed and activated with only a few clicks. They can just as easily be deactivated if the functionality is no longer required.Or you can consider Divi for free

WordPress is the internet’s most popular CMS for a very good reason. It offers an almost unlimited range of options for customising and extending your website, while at the same time being very user friendly. No matter what type of website you are looking to create, WordPress will provide a solid and future-proof foundation.

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