OLE XLSFile is an ActiveX library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel XLS files directly.

It does not use or require Microsoft Excel, and lets you bypass OLE Automation.
The library may be used with any development tool supporting ActiveX objects (VB, C++, etc.). Borland Delphi developers may use TXLSFile Delphi Library.






Excel features

  • OLE XLSFile does not require Microsoft Excel installed.
  • OLE XLSFile supports MS Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003 format (BIFF8).
  • XLS files produced by OLE XLSFile may be opened in Excel 2007.
  • XLS files produced by OLE XLSFile may be opened in OpenOffice.

Registered version

  • OLE XLSFile is distributed as a DLL.
  • The registered version contains complete product documentation with a lot of samples.

Demo version

  • All features of the registered version are also available in the demo version!
  • The demo version has only two limitations:
    • On writing a file, the particular text is added to the top left cell on each sheet.
    • On reading a file, only first 1000 cells from each sheet are read.
  • The demo version contains a demo DLL and complete product documentation with a lot of code samples.

Data handling

  • OLE XLSFile contains functions for data export to HTML and TXT files.

File elements

With OLE XLSFile you can read and write the following Excel file elements.

File elements Write to
XLS file
Read from
XLS file
Cells and sheets
All workbook' sheets + +
Cell's values (numbers, text, Unicode text, dates, boolean values) + +
Cell's comments + +
Cell's validations + +
Formulas + +
Hyperlinks + +
Merged cells + +
Named areas + +
Protection for sheets, workbooks, files + +
Formats, styles, images
Borders + +
Built-in and custom format strings (e.g. '#,##0.00') + +
Charts No No
Font color, size and style + +
Foreground and background colors, fill styles + +
Images (supported formats are BMP, JPEG, PNG) + +
Page setup (print layout, print area, paper size etc.) + +
Row height and column width + +
Rows and columns grouping + +
Text rotation + +
Window options (show/hide grid, repeatable rows etc.) + +



Screenshots of Excel XLS files produced by OLE XLSFile.

Formatted cells screenshot

Formatted cells

Merged cells screenshot

Merged cells

Images screenshot


Rich text format screenshot

Rich text format

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